A Testimonial by Maitreya Sur

December 14th, 2019By MauryaSurArt

Always working silently but very passionately with love, dedication and perfection. Some of his portraits are unimaginably realistic. His abstractions are very natural and, in my opinion, can stand-out internationally with its deep rooted Indian-ness, which is quite visible throughout his works.

‘Shonajhuri Kala Tattwa’ or ‘Acacia Auriculism’ is a result of Maurya’s almost 10 years long extensive research on the ‘Shonajhuri Tree-Pods’. Yes, I completely agree to Maurya, that the discovery of Shonajhuri Pods as an incredible art form is a ground breaking start of a new ‘School of Thoughts’ in the field of Indian Arts and Culture.

It’s his research, what make me learn that, the creation and configuration of these pods are a comprehensive demonstration of design methodology of mother nature which also reminds me of the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Series, etc. I feel, It’s a Gateway to the future of advanced design-research involving computational design and algorithms. I can definitely say that, this has the potential to become another gift from India to the world.
Maurya has chosen a different path for his life. These choices are difficult to make and at the same time very rare in today’s world. But the best part is, he is very clear about his objectives of life and he doesn’t do things which he doesn’t believe.