About Me

My Journey with paints, canvas, and brushes started since childhood. My grandmother was a well-skilled expert in Alpana designs. My father is a knowledgeable man who has an interest in different fields of study. I have been surrounded by the artistic book since childhood, that would inspire me to draw and paint. Nandalal Basu, Ajanta Ellora, Indian sculpture, Van Gogh, Ganguin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Chinese storybooks depicting Chinese drawings and inspired by the artworks of family and friends. The atmosphere I was born and brought up in, inspired me in every possible  way.

As a kid, it often happened, that I would day-dream of a different world that was full of colors and shades. While painting I would spend hours working on my creations without my knowledge. At one point of time, there was Rabindranath Tagor, Indian Philosophy, Indian Mythology, and on the other point of times there was the Western Philosophy, Poignancy, Marxism, Renaissance, The Leftist, Anti-superstition, Science-Oriented mentality that provoked me from time and again and influenced the artist that was hidden within myself. During my adolescent, the new media took up, and the advent of the Internet led to the major paradigm shift of the thoughts, consciousness, desires, expections, morals and value system of the common people and I was also a part of this shifting society which at times confused my understanding of the world around me.I studied honors in mathematics and graduated in science. But a young Bohemian Gypsy who was an unknown dreamer, an artist, a poet was striving within me during this time. This was also the period when the self-destructive, agitated, scattered, tormented artist with me was trying to come in the forefront. The struggle was almost like the search for light in the darkness. The fight was not easy and the search for peace led me towards my farther education in film making from Roopkala Kendro in Kolkata, West Bengal. I had the honor to work under many talented personalities. While teaching us on Upanishad, in a class, Film maker Adoor Gopal Krishnan once mentioned that “One enemy was not one who is outside but is within ourselves. If we can win over that, victory will be ours!”

The journey had just begun and the will, determination and hunger to achieve something in life haunted me. With that also began the quest to learn more about literature and art. The realization to do something truely significant and achieve my dreams was also very strong. This led to another phase in my life where I started my search in Indian spirituality. Wherever there were sadhus, I started visiting them and discussing life and beyond. Once while visiting an ashram in Himachal Pradesh, I had studied about landscapes in art and came back. The saints were very offended to see that a person visiting such a pious place was more interested in art rather than the spiritual aspects. But my search for more knowledge in art and literature went on and seemed to be never-ending. This brought in the realization of what is “karma” and the quest ended with the enlightenment that my “Karma” was nothing but my childhood love for painting. I started painting over various canvas one after the other with ecstasy of love. Since 2012, this became my full-time profession. In this instance, with the help of Internet and Social Media, I had the chance to see the works of the world’s best artists and their passion towards their work which inspired me more and more.

My goal in life is to work hard in this field and make some contribution with some quality work with devotion, commitment and undying dedication towards this profession. I want to work in this sphere till the end of my life.