I have been working with the pods of a tree called Sonajhuri in Bengali or “Acacia Auriculiformis” in English. The origin of the tree is from Australia, Indonesia, & Papua New Guinea. The pods of the tree are interesting as it takes an undulating formation along its margin. This abstract identity gives an ornamental formation to these “Pods of Sonajhuri”. It will be referred to in the following context.


I first saw the Sonjhuri pods in 2003 and on creatively evaluating the same I thought that it has an immense possibility to be transformed into an exciting and unique art form that has the potential to evoke some significant artwork for generations to come. Since 2012, my journey with this new genre of art started through canvas and imagination. I have painted, sketched and photographed these “Pods of Sonajhuri” through time and again.

The physical composition of Sonajhuri pods in terms of its figure, contours and curves resembles the real world in art and form. It can be similar to a human physique; to an animal posture; to any object of the real world. The epitome of this artwork is the sense of imagination of the artist. Sonajhuri pods are naturally created and take an intrinsic formation that is not artificially generated. On maturity, the irregular spiral formed in the process creates a natural spontaneous rhythmic vitality that is searched by any artist. For an artist, this natural formation of contours and curves of Sonajhuri pods brings in a rhythm of happiness that stimulates multiple layers of emotional states. There is a sense of abstractive domination within the artwork that reveals a figurative state on a language, that creates a multi-dimensional artistic feeling through its rhythm, dynamics, expressions, and curves. With the play of light and shadow, it generates another kind of aesthetic beauty of its own. The most basic uncontroversial manifestation of beauty is the beauty of the natural world. Sonajhuri pods portrait images that come ineffectively to mind as beauty in its raw, elemental state and not created by the artist. The thrill and happiness that its portrays through its form and beauty is beyond words of an artist. It is an artistic realization, that may differ from people to people according to their level of perception and point of view. To me, “Sonajhuri pods” can lead to a new imaginary world that has beauty, form and sculpture. I like to name this as “Sonajhurism”, a new school of art form for generations to come. This form may arise paintings, murals, sculpture, photography, audio visuals and many other artistic formations. I think it shall give rise to a new interest in the world of art. My effort will be fruitful when many other artists will find their way on fine arts, adopting “Sonajhurism”.